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Free & Total Glycerin
(Test For Home Brewers)
Price: $79.99
Shipping: $8.50
Comprehensive ASTM Test Package
(Test For Commercial Brewers)
Price: $1055.99
Shipping: $8.50
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ASTM Testing Methods

You can rest assured that FuelOnly will test your fuel the right way! FuelOnly participates in the acclaimed ASTM inter-laboratory cross check program and only tests fuel following the correct biodiesel testing methods as defined in the Biodiesel ASTM standard. You'll also get easy-to-read results with each ASTM test method clearly displayed.

Fuel Testing Is All FuelOnly Does

FuelOnly was built from the ground up with one thing in mind; FUEL TESTING! By focusing only on fuel testing, analysis and research, they're able to provide superior analysis and results with dynamite customer service.

Unlike other labs that make you send in your fuel using your own containers, FuelOnly will send you the complete kit to use. Not only does FuelOnly provide the proper shipping containment but they include a pre-paid return shipping label. The kit is completely standardized and includes directions which are easy to follow. You simply sample your fuel, box it up and ship it , tracking it online as it goes to FuelOnly for analysis.

State Of The Art Equipment

FuelOnly started out with the belief that the test results are only as good as the equipment it's tested on. With this in mind, they set up one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art Biodiesel testing labs in the United States. All of their equipment is brand new and completely automated, eliminating human error and ensuring accurate results.

Extremely Fast Turn-Around Time

FuelOnly has an incredible turn around time! ! Instead of making you wait 3 days to 2 weeks like most labs, FuelOnly has your test results to you in 48 hours from receipt of sample! Unlike other labs that make you wait for your results to show up in the mail, FuelOnly will email your results to you! How's that for fast?

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Biodiesel Testing Packages
Free & Total Glycerin
Comprehensive ASTM Test Package
PRICE: $79.99
Free & Total Glycerin
(For Home Brewers)

This is by far the most common test Biodiesel users and producers use. This test checks the biodiesel to identify how much glycerin is still left over in your biodiesel sample. Free glycerin is an indication of how well you're biodiesel is being washed. Bound glycerin allows you to see how well the reaction occured when the biodiesel was produced. The test reports not only total glycerin amounts but will break out your results into triglycerides, diglycerides, monoglycerides, and free glycerin along with how it compares to the ASTM standard. See a sample test result here

Biodiesel Lab Test Methods
ASTM D6584 Free & Total Glycerin
PRICE: $1055.99
The Full ASTM D6751 Test Package
(For Commercial Brewers)

This is the comprehensive and complete ASTM test. It complies with the ASTM D6751 specification 100%. Everything is performed the right way and in the right manner. Pass this test and you can use the results to apply to sell Biodiesel within the United States. Both the EPA and the National Biodiesel Board recognize this test as "The Golden Standard" by which Biodiesel is tested against. The Cetane portion of this test takes about 5 business days to report back due to the complexity of the test.

Biodiesel Lab Test Methods
ASTM D445 Viscosity @ 40° C
ASTM D664 Acid Number
ASTM D6584 Free & Total Glycerin
ASTM D1160 Distillation Temperature
ASTM D613 Cetane Number
ASTM D2500 Cloud Point
ASTM D93 Flash Point, Pensky Martens
ASTM D5453 Sulfur
ASTM D4951 Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, & Magnesium
ASTM D2709 Sediment & Water
ASTM D874 Sulfated Ash
ASTM D4530 Carbon Residue
ASTM D130 Copper Strip Corrosion Rating
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