Bio Pro 190
Now You Can Make Clean Burning, 100% Biodiesel Fuel!
Power your Car, Truck, Tractor, Generator, or any other
Diesel Powered Equipment for under 80 cents per Gallon!
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Introducing the
BioPro 190 Pat. Pend.
The first fully automated, industrial
grade Biodiesel processor designed for individual and agricultural users.
This state-of-the-art system is easy to use.
Versatile – uses fresh or used vegetable oils.
The BioPro 190 can handle it,
safely and easily, giving you

back clean, 100 % Biodiesel.
Fully Automated
No Measuring, No Chemistry
Completely Portable
50 Gallon Capacity
TIG Welded Stainless Steel Tank
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
General Description

The BioPro 190Pat. Pend. is designed for just about anyone who wants to economically produce their own, clean burning 100% Biodiesel fuel. The compact, portable design is self contained with individual compartments for each ingredient required to produce Biodiesel. No measuring or mixing chemicals required. Simply add vegetable oil (new or used), methanol, and small amounts of sulfuric acid and lye or caustic potash, and start the automated process. In about 48 hours you will have 50 gallons of clean, smooth-running Biodiesel!

The BioPro 190Pat. Pend. has been designed for minimal operator involvement. The patented logic controller has built-in fault protection, which provides self monitoring and step-by-step guidance over the operator. The BioPro 190Pat. Pend. requires no transfer of finished fuel into storage or distribution tanks. Simply pump the Biodiesel directly into your vehicle or equipment fuel tank using the integrated, 12 G.P.M. filler pump!

System Specifications
21"w x 21"d x 67"h. Overall height adjustable +/- 2”
Weight: 325 Lbs (empty)
50 gal oil to yield 50 gal finished fuel 10 gal methanol - yields approx. 10 gal glycerin
TIG welded 304 stainless steel body. Powder coated carbon steel covers
304 stainless steel or glass filled polypropylene
110 vAC / 15 Amp Circuit
AUTO mode controlled by program logic controller, “Start” button initiates completely automated process. Manual mode controlled by switch actuation
Reaction Method:
Acid-catalyzed esterification of free fatty acids Then base-catalyzed transesterification of triglycerides; Handles oil that titrates up to 9 (5% FFA)
Wash Method:
Triple-stage turbulent water wash. Waste water removal controlled by conductive level sensor with timer safety backup
Batch Time:
Reaction - 8 hours; Initial settling - 16 hours; Water wash - 14 hrs; Drying cycle - Approx 10 hrs
Total Time: Approx. 48 hours from start to finish
The BioPro 190 occupies less than 4 sq. ft. of floor space
Minimum Requirements
- 50 Gallons of used or new vegetable oil or oil derived from animal fat (triglyceride)

- 10 Gallons of methanol (racing fuel)

- Lye (Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH) or Caustic Potash (Potassium Hydroxide – KOH)

- Sulfuric Acid (93% Pure or better) – Not common battery acid

- Approx. 45 Gallons of fresh standing water

- Standard 110 vAC / 15 amp dedicated power source

- Air tight storage containers for methanol, lye/caustic potash, and sulfuric acid F.O.B. Chico, California

- All safety equipment such as rubber gloves, protective eye goggles, rubber apron, etc (included)

For more information, or to Purchase a BioPro 190Pat Pend. Biodiesel Processor, Please Contact Us
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