Oil-Fired Outdoor Boiler
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Oil Fired Outdoor Boiler Plans
Oil-Fired Outdoor Boiler Plans
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Oil-Fired Outdoor Boiler Plans
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- Automated Ignition Parts Kit
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Murphy’s Machines Oil-Fired Outdoor Boiler.
Heat your home, barn, hot tub, domestic hot water or even your swimming pool! It even works with forced air systems!

Made from commonly available parts and materials!

Cheap and easy to construct!

Reduce or eliminate your winter heating bills!

Incredibly detailed and easy to follow directions carry you through the building process every step of the way.

Details of construction are covered with full text explanations, clearly labeled 3D graphics and real photos.

Over 170 pages with drawings so good they almost look like photos!
Amazing 3D computer graphics and details make following the step-by-step plans easy!
Frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of this document.
Heating Applications Include:
BTU Output: 80,000 to 150,000 BTU/hr
Fuel Consumption:
- Petroleum Oils = 1 - 1.5 Gal/Hr
Vegetable Oils = 1 - 2 Gal/Hr
Heat Exchanger Volume: ~37 Gallons
Max Recommended Water Temperature: 180 Degrees
Max Pressure: Open Vent Atmospheric Only
Power Requirements: 120 volts @ 15 amps
Air Pressure Requirements: 90 PSI @ <0.25 CFM
Acceptable Fuels: Motor Oils / Crankcase Oils, Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Oils, Vegetable Oils, Biodiesel, Mineral Spirits, No.1 Diesel - No.2 Diesel - Fuel Oil, Machine Cutting Oils
Tools Required: Mig or Tig Welder, 4 1/2 inch Angle grinder, Hole-Saws, Metal Drills and basic hand tools.

Skills Required: Proficient at Welding, Basic Metal working skills, Basic electrical skills.

Average Build Time: Varies greatly with experience and other capabilities.

Automated Ignition Parts Kit

Automate your ignition system for ease of operation!

Save Fuel and Time!

The automatic ignition package is designed to provide most of the required parts to automate your ignition sequence. This package assumes you already have a completed boiler system and you just want to add the required components to automate it.
Package Includes:
  • Burner Controller
  • Control Relays
  • Air Pressure Solenoid
  • Pilot Fuel Solenoid
  • Spark Igniter
  • Aquastat
  • Fuel Float Switch
  • Water Float Switch
  • Pilot Flame Nozzle
  • Flame Detector Cell
  • Terminal Strips
  • Toggle Switch
The following items are also required but are not included in the package.
  • Propane Tank
  • Propane Regulator
  • Propane Hoses
  • Hook Up Wire

How much does it cost to build?
The basic non-automated unit will cost about $250 to $300 to construct. Automating the unit will add another $500 to the cost.
There is also a cost associated with hooking the boiler unit up to your heating load but we can not calculate that due to the wide range of applications possible.

What if I have a Forced Air Furnace?
I use a forced air furnace also and it works great! You simply install a hot-water coil into the furnace plenum very much like the air-conditioner coil you probably already have. Depending on size, the hot-water coil costs between $100 and $200 and is quite easy to install. The 180 degree heated water from the boiler is pumped through the coil and you simply wire a thermostat to turn on only the fan in your furnace.

How much compressed air does it use?
The boiler requires 90 PSI of compressed air. To give you an idea of the volume it uses, if you have ever had a quick-disconnect fitting at the end of an air hose on the floor making a hissing sound, it uses less than 1/2 that much. Very little!
My 30 gallon piece-of-junk air compressor turns on about every 2 or 3 hours.

How big of an air compressor do I need?
Just about any air compressor capable of generating 90 PSI will do the job. You could even keep up with a bicycle pump if you wanted to try! One of those little pancake air compressors will even work great.

What is the propane tank for?
The automated version of the boiler uses a propane fueled pilot flame for about 15 seconds during each ignition of the main burner. A standard BBQ sized propane tank will probably last a couple years.

Can it burn Glycerin?
Not at this time but we are working on it.

What fuels can it burn?
The Murphy’s Machines boiler can burn new or used motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, mineral spirits, fuel oils, vegetable oils and biodiesel.

Do I need any special tools to build this boiler?
Not really. You will require a Mig or Tig welder and an angle grinder and some basic hand tools.

Can the unit be placed inside my basement?
Anything that is “Build-it-Yourself” in nature will not be UL Listed and as such, should not be placed inside any dwelling. The Murphy’s Machines boiler is designed to be outdoors in the weather and elements.

Can this boiler produce steam?
No. The Murphy’s Machines Boiler is an atmospheric design and can only create hot water.

How much maintenance is involved?
The heat exchanger and burner bowl assemblies should be taken apart and cleaned up each season. The water should be tested for the proper amount of anti-corrosion chemical every season also.

How much noise does it make?
The amount and type of noise it makes is almost exactly like a microwave oven. The humming noise is barely audible at 100 feet.

Do I have to change filters or plugged nozzles?
The unit does not contain any fuel filters but there is a fuel screen to prevent any bugs, twigs or oil globs from clogging the pump. The screen will only require cleaning on an “as needed” basis probably once or twice per season.

Are there any special parts on this boiler that are hard to find or expensive?
The basic manually operated unit is constructed from very commonly available parts and supplies. That said, if you want to automate the system, you won’t find those parts in any junk pile or hardware store. MurphysMachines.com offers a complete automation package.

Can this heat my home?
Yes! Absolutely! In fact, it was designed to heat my home, garage and biodiesel processor! The Murphy’s Machines boiler produces up to 150,000 btu’s/hr and can easily heat a large home and even your domestic hot water! It can also be used to heat a swimming pool, hot tub, work shop, or any other heat load!

Can this boiler be hooked up to a thermostat?
Yes! With the automation package installed, the unit will self ignite and shut down as required to keep its water jacket at the preset temperature.

How is this heater different than other waste oil heaters?
Most waste oil heaters on the market today are engineered to be either a Spray Gun type or a Pot Burner. Pot burners are just what they sound like. It is an oil-fire contained within a pan or pot. These are very dirty devices and create lots of soot and smoke. Spray Gun types are a much more efficient design because they atomize the fuel before igniting it. This results in a much cleaner burn and more heat output. The problem with most Spray Gun heaters is they contain high pressure fuel pumps and tiny fuel spray nozzles that plug up due to the particles and contaminant present in waste oils. Our heater has no high pressure pump or fuel nozzle so there is nothing to plug up.

Do I need to build a shed outside to house the Murphy’s Machines Boiler?
No. The unit is designed to be outside in the rain, snow, and general elements.

Can the Murphy's Machines boiler be tied into my current boiler system?
If your current boiler is a hot water system, then yes, the Murphy's Machines boiler will work fine with it. However, since the Murphy's Machines boiler has a maximum temperature of 190 degrees, it will not work with steam boilers.

What about outdoor wood boilers?
The Murphy's Machines boiler can be easily installed in conjunction with an outdoor wood-fired boiler system like a Heatmor or Central Boiler. In fact, you'll probably discover that transporting oil is a lot less work than transporting wood. In addition, because the Murphy's Machines system is automated, it can act as freeze protection to the wood boiler systems or be used as the primary heat source.

Is support available if I have questions?
As with all MurphysMachines.com plans and products, we answer our phone 7 days a week up to 10 PM EST to make sure you are successful on your schedule! We have become well known for our above average support services and care of our customers.

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