Murphy’s Machines Dehydrator System Plans
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MM Dehydrator System Plans
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MM Dehydrator System Plans
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Murphy’s Machines Dehydrator System Plans
Designed primarily for biodiesel operations, the Murphy’s Machines Dehydrator System will remove compounds such as water or methanol from a variety of oils or glycerin.

Effective, efficient and easy to build, our dehydrator system will help speed up production by greatly reducing the time it takes to dewater your incoming oil or make your glycerin suitable for other purposes.

  • Removes water from used vegetable oils, used motor oils, biodiesel and even used antifreeze.
  • Removes methanol from glycerin or raw biodiesel.
  • Made from commonly available parts and fittings.
  • No special machining required.

Frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of this document.

  • Power Requirements:
    Pumping: Single Phase 115/230 VAC @ <10amps
    Heating: Single Phase 230 VAC

  • Height: 8 to 12 feet (varies with tank size and shape)

  • Tools Required: Mig or Tig welder, Pipe Threader, Hole Saws, Drills, Grinders, and other basic hand tools.

  • Skills Required: Proficient at Welding, Basic Plumbing Skills, Basic Electrical Skills.

  • Cost To Build: Approximately $2500
As with all of our do-it-yourself products, the dehydrator system plans are filled with some pretty awesome 3D drawings that make it easy for the average person to see and understand the construction details.
Easy to read drawings feature clear and concise measurement indicators.
Over 48 full color 3 dimensional drawings and diagrams make our plans so easy to follow you could almost complete the project without even having to read them.
Dehydrator Parts Kit Add-On
(plans sold separately)
+ shipping
The construction plans will guide you through the process of building your system, but the Dehydrator Parts Kit will save you time and money.

The Murphy’s Machines Dehydrator parts kit ships on a single pallet that weighs approximately 225 lbs. We take great care to ensure your pumps, pipes and other system parts and components will arrive in perfect condition.

Use our buying power to save your self time and money! Our relationship with distributors and manufacturers has enabled us to reduce the individual component costs by making high volume purchases and then passing those savings on to you.

You save even more with out parts kits because you’re not stuck buying a package of 10 of something when you only need 5.

What’s included in the Dehydrator Parts Kit:

The kit includes both the process pump and the vacuum pump.

Pipe Fittings

All of the pipe nipples, elbows, tee’s, unions, bushings, adapters, ball vales, etc., they’re all in the kit.

Miscellaneous Hardware

We also give you a bunch of Teflon tape, floor bolts to bolt the unit to the concrete floor, hose clamps, gauges, brass adapter fittings, pvc tubing, copper tubing, etc.

Our Dehydrator Parts Kit is very complete and will greatly shorten the amount of time, energy and money required to complete the project.

What you must provide:

You will need to provide a suitable pressure vessel like a large air compressor tank or large propane tank. The plans are drawn using a 500 gallon residential style propane tank for reference.

You will also need one or two smaller pressure tanks of approximately 20 to 25 gallons in volume. Standard 100 pound propane tanks work best.

We do not provide any structural steel as it is too expensive to ship. You’ll want to find that locally. The large 500 gallon propane tank will need to be stood up on legs.

Lastly, while the kit does include heaters and thermostats, it does not include wire or the controls to turn them on and off. Murphy’s Machines does offer a build-it-yourself control panel that incorporates a digital temperature controller as a separate product.


Q. Can the dehydrator system be scaled up or scaled down to meet my production requirements?

A. Yes, the system can be made larger or smaller depending on your needs but it becomes less economical to build as it gets smaller. For economical reasons, we would recommend the system be at least 150 to 200 gallons in size.

Q. How long does it take to remove the water content in my oil?

A. System performance will vary depending on how much water is in the oil. The more water, the longer it will take. Generally speaking, most folks find our standard system will remove the water from a 400 gallon batch of oil in about 4 to 6 hours.

Q. Is it possible to increase system performance so it works faster?

A. Yes it is. By increasing the size and performance of the vacuum pump and heating system, the amount of time it takes to process a batch can be significantly reduced by 50% or more.

Q. Will this Dehydrator system remove all the water?

A. For the most part, it will reduce the water content in the oil down to almost non-detectable limits. Claiming it will remove every molecule would be ridiculous.

Q. How is the Dehydrator system heated?

A. Our standard design uses off the shelf heating elements to provide the required thermal replacement energy.

Q. Can this unit be heated with hot water from a boiler?

A. Yes, absolutely! With the simple addition of a liquid to liquid heat exchanger, the dehydrator system can use steam or hot water from an external heating source such as a common boiler, hot water heater, or even the Murphy's Machines Waste Oil Boiler to provide the necessary heat input. If you wish to add these options, we will help you.

Q. Does the dehydrator produce any smells or odors?

A. Not usually. By the rare chance you are processing rancid oil, it is possible that the exhaust air from the vacuum pump could produce a detectable odor but it would be very minor and probably unnoticeable.

Q. How much floor space will the unit occupy?

A. It will require around 30 square feet plus room to walk around it.

Q. How much does technical support cost?

A. Technical support for all of Murphy’s Machines plans and products is free and available 7 days a week.

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