BioDiesel Processor Float Switch
Build the float switch yourself using the diagram below or order the semi-assembled unit from us.
BioDiesel Processor Float Switch
1 Float Switch
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1 Relay
1 Relay is required for each heating element
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BioDiesel Processor Float Switch
BioDiesel Processor Float Switch

The Murphy Float Switch can be used as an electric heating element interlock or as an automation sensing device to indicate a preset liquid level.

Fits through a 3/4 inch pipe fitting.

  • helps prevent heating element burnout by ensuring the element is always submerged before being energized .
  • helps prevent ignition of methanol vapors due to accidentally dry-firing the electric heating element.

This float assembly is designed to fit through a 3/4" FNPT but can be modified to fit through something as small as 1/2" FNPT.

In order for switch to work properly you'll need 1 Relay for each Heating element.

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