Making BioDiesel Glycerin Soap
Biodiesel Glycerin Soap Production Guide (printable) Price: $ 14.95
Soap hardening in a mold
Soap bars made from Biodiesel Glycerin
Want to do something useful with your glycerin? The Answer is to make soap.

This glycerin based soap puts Go-Jo and Fast Orange to shame.

We've teamed up with a prominent home brew biodiesel producer from Canada who uses his biodiesel glycerin to make soap (and lots of it!) His method of producing the soap became so well liked and he received so many requests for how to make it that he put together this handy guide. This 62 page downloadable guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start making your own Biodiesel Glycerin based soap!

The guide starts out by giving an overview of how Biodiesel Glycerin based soap is different from regular soap you may have used. It then goes into a great discussion about how the oil you use to make Biodiesel will effect the type of soap you can make from the glycerin by-product.

It then goes into a discussion on different types of catalysts and how they'll effect the properties of the soap. Then comes the fun part of learning how to prep the glycerin for the soap making process. And then out come the recipes!

This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you'll need to know to help you get started to producing soap in a safe, effective manner!

The information offered in The Guide is for educational purposes only. Responsibility for safe production, permits, and authorisations in their respective countries is the buyer's.

Soap all hardened and ready to be cut
Soap blocks cut and curing
Completed soap ready for use

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