How To Correctly Use A Syringe
Knowing how to correctly use a syringe to measure titrating fluids is an important step in learning how to make biodiesel. Always keep in mind that repeatability is just as important as accuracy and in many cases even more important.

Syringes come in many different sizes and are used for countless purposes. For titrating, the size of the syringe you choose to use should be 125% to 200% larger than the volume of liquid you are attempting to measure.

Once you know how much liquid you want to measure out, and have chosen an appropriately sized syringe, follow the steps below for an accurate measuring technique.

For the purpose of this document, we will be using a 60ml syringe to measure out 40ml, the technique that is used can be adapted to measure out almost any volume with the appropriate accuracy requirements.
Step 1:

Pull the Plunger up to suck in a little bit of air. The tip of the plunger should never be in contact with the fluid while measuring.

Step 2:

Insert the syringe tip into the sample and suck up an amount greater than 50ml.

Step 3:

Push out the excess fluid until the syringe reads 50ml.

You are now ready to measure and dispense the sample.

Step 4:

Push the plunger down until the fluid level indicates 10ml.

You have now successfully measured out 40ml the correct way.

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