Warning: Yahoo Email Users!

Murphys Machines, along with other online merchants, are having a problem contacting users with Yahoo email accounts. For reasons beyond our understanding, in 2008 Yahoo began a pattern of not delivering email messages and/or placing these messages in your spam folder. We have attempted to work with Yahoo to straighten this issue out but they apparantly profit from this practice. If interested, you can read more about it here: http://www.realfreewebsites.com/blog/dropped-emails-yahoos-gain/

If you are using a Yahoo email account to send us a Paypal payment or to contact us about one of our products, please be aware that we will most likely have problems contacting you back.

We are powerless to fix this problem but you can fix it by switching to another free email service. We recommend Google's free Gmail.com service.

Thank you,

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