Bio Pro 380
Now You Can Make Clean Burning, 100% Biodiesel Fuel!
Power your Car, Truck, Tractor, Generator, or any other
Diesel Powered Equipment for under 80 cents per Gallon!
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Introducing the
BioPro 380 Pat. Pend.
The Ultimate Industrial Grade Automated Biodiesel Processor
This state-of-the-art system is easy to use.
Versatile – uses fresh or used vegetable oils.
Fully Automated
No Measuring, No Chemistry
Completely Portable
100 Gallon Capacity
TIG Welded Stainless Steel Tank
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is the big brother to our popular BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor. Instead of only getting 50 gallons every 48 hours, you can now produce up to a full 100 gallons! If you've ever wanted all the automation of the BioPro 190 but needed more capacity, then this is the machine for you!

Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed BioPro 190, this new machine takes small scale Biodiesel production to the next level with style!

Just like the BioPro 190, you simply add oil, catalyst, methanol and sulfuric acid into the machine, press the start button and walk away!

And, just like the BioPro 190, there's no transferring of oil from one place to another, no adjusting levers and valves to make sure things are added just right, no monitoring the process at all. You just put it, press start and carry on with your life.

24 hours later you come back, drain off the glycerin, and press the wash button and let it go to town again washing the biodiesel and then drying it to a crystal clear, extremely clean Biodiesel fuel.

One exciting new feature of the BioPro 380 is that you can now connect the machine directly to a pressurized water source. This means less barrels to have hanging around which means more space in your processing area! If you don't have water access the machine can still easily draw from a static water source too, making it an extremely flexible machine.

Another great feature of the BioPro 380 is it's ability to do different batch sizes. It can process

50, 75, or 100 gallons of feedstock into high-quality, ready-to-use Biodiesel. This gives you the added flexibility of being able to size your batches to fit your fueling needs

The BioPro 380, like the BioPro 190, is made from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel and has been designed for minimal operator involvement. It has a patented logic controller that monitors everything with full built-in monitoring and fault protection. And, for those of you wanting to manually produce your biodiesel it comes with all the switches and manual overrides needed (just in case you REALLY want to be involved in the process).

Something extra special about this machine is it's ability to produce Biodiesel using something called the 80/20 method. This allows you to use the machine to create incredibly pure Biodiesel; in fact, if your feedstock is fairly good, the biodiesel made in the BioPro 380 in most cases can pass the ASTM test allowing you to qualify for the first step to sell the fuel.

The unit is so thoroughly thought out that it even comes with it's own fueling pump complete with a nozzle for easy fueling. It can process both new and used oil and has been tested to handle the worst oil you can throw at it. It's completely automatic and easy to use.

The units are custom made and built with extreme care and precision. Everything is built to be biodiesel compatible from the start so you know everything will work right out of the shipping crate.

System Specifications
64"w x 34"d x 80"h. Overall height adjustable +/- 2”
Weight: Approximately 675 Lbs. (empty).
100 gallons oil yields up to 100 gallons (380 liters) of finished fuel; 20 gallons (76 liters) methanol - yields approx. 20 gallons (76 liters) glycerin.
Batch Sizes: Processes 50, 75, or 100 gallons of oil feedstock (190, 284, or 380 liters).
TIG welded 304 stainless steel body. Powder coated carbon steel covers
304 stainless steel or glass filled polypropylene
220 VAC / 30 amp & 110 VAC / 15 Amp Circuit.
AUTO mode controlled by program logic controller, “Start” button initiates completely automated process. Manual mode controlled by switch actuation
Reaction Method:
Acid-catalyzed esterification of free fatty acids Then base-catalyzed transesterification of triglycerides; Handles oil that titrates up to 9 (5% FFA)
Wash Method:
Triple-stage turbulent water wash. 1) Mist Spray, 2) Mist & Agitation, 3) Mist & Agitation. Waste water removal controlled by conductive level sensor with timer safety backup
Batch Time:
Reaction – 8 hours; Initial settling – 16 hours; Water wash – 14 hrs; Drying cycle – Approx 10 hrs
Total Time: Approx. 48 hours from start to finish
For more information, or to Purchase a BioPro 380Pat Pend. Biodiesel Processor, Please Contact Us
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